Q:  Do I need to have my vehicle repaired at a repair shop chosen by my insurance company?

A: NO, you do not! It’s your vehicle, it’s your decision as to who does the repair.  Most insurance company “approved” repair facilities are only such because they use the same estimating software as the insurance company. ANY repair shop that is doing repairs for ANY insurance company must be able to warranty their work.   That’s the only stipulation.  The final choice is ALWAYS the customers!


Q:  Do I need a police report?

A:  This depends … Are the damages per vehicle over $2000? Are there any injuries? In these cases, YES you need to report it to the police. Any damages under $2000 do not need to be reported to the police.


Q: Should I contact MY insurance company if the accident is not my fault?

A: Yes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  If the other person(s) ends up not having the proper coverage you can go through your insurance for the repairs.


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